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We work hard to provide our clients with a wide range of insurance companies, and high level customer service. There is no better compliment to this service than by referring a friend or family member to our agency.

When you refer folks to us, it’s truly a win-win-win. You look like a hero, your friend or family member gets taken care of, and we’re able to grow our local business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do When my Enterprise Clients’ Requirements are too High/Expensive?2024-06-14T15:30:42-04:00

Many large enterprises have the same requirements for independent contractors as they do for full scale businesses. Education can go a long way in helping them lower them to better match industry standards. Show them benchmarks and statistics, and if you need help, call Anchor Insurance Services!

We’re happy to be your resident insurance experts and sit in on any meetings where our knowledge can be of service to you and your contractors.

What’s the Difference Between Certificate Holder and Additional Insured?2024-06-14T15:30:43-04:00

While certificate holders are allowed to access policy information, and (in most cases) are informed of any changes, only an Additional Insured endorsement makes it so that the insurance actually applies to you. This becomes important when your business is sued for a contractor’s mistakes.

What is a Waiver of Subrogation?2024-06-14T15:30:43-04:00

When a contractor has a claim, their insurance carrier may decide to later try to recoup the loss from other responsible parties – that means you. A waiver of subrogation takes away this option.

Can Umbrella Replace Part of a Requirement?2024-06-14T15:30:43-04:00

An umbrella policy extends the limits of the coverages a contractor already has. If a contractor has $1M General Liability and $3M Umbrella Liability, they can only use the Umbrella policy on General Liability claims that surpass the initial $1M limit.

What does Cyber Liability Insurance Cover?2024-06-14T15:30:43-04:00

Many don’t realize that what Cyber really covers is data. If a contractor’s computer is hacked, it would cover the data lost in the cyber attack – but it would also cover them if a file with client information was stolen from their car. What it doesn’t cover, are things like damaged electronics or lost revenue from a bug in a freelance developer’s code.

Will turning in a claim automatically increase my insurance?2024-06-14T15:30:43-04:00

This is not an easy answer.  Different insurance companies will have different formulas on determining your insurance premium; one of which can be claim frequency and severity.  It is our recommendation to discuss your specific claim with our claims manager to see if turning in a claim makes sense.  However, all possible liability claims need to be turned in; as the insurance company needs to be put on notice.

What is an adjuster?2024-06-14T15:30:43-04:00

An adjuster is a representative of the insurance company that helps settle a claim.  They are not employed by us.  We do not settle claims as this is done by the adjuster.  However, we will assist in making sure a covered claim is paid fairly and promptly.

What is scheduling?2024-06-14T15:30:43-04:00

Scheduling involves placing specific items with a specific value on your homeowners insurance.  It can also be called an “Inland Marine” policy.  This allows coverage for items that may be leaving your premises and would then be lost or stolen.  They can also be set at specific deductibles.  The most common items to schedule are jewelry, bikes, cameras and fine arts.

What is the difference between “replacement cost” and “market value”?2024-06-14T15:30:43-04:00

Replacement cost is the amount it costs to rebuild a home or structure.  This amount can also include demolition.  This value can be significantly different than an appraisal.  Reason being, the cost of materials to rebuild can outweigh a home or structure’s market value.  When insuring a home or structure the insurance company needs to know the replacement cost.  There are tools that our agents use to help approximate this value.

Do I need to have auto insurance if my vehicle is paid off?2024-06-14T15:30:43-04:00

Yes, it is the State law for all owners of a vehicle to have auto insurance.  It is your choice if you wish to insure for physical damage if there is not a lender involved.

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